About Us

Our Brand
Braza Churrascaria is an authentic Brazilian Barbeque house that serves world-renowned Australia meats. Braza Churrascaria is an “all you can eat” restaurant, with typical Brazilian service style known as “Rodizio” where Passadores (meat carvers) rotate from table to table serving more than 20 different types of skewers.“Braza means the sizzling charcoals of the fire and Churrascaria is the restaurant specialized in barbeque or  Brazilian style steakhouse restaurant”

Our purpose is to provide you with an authentic Brazilian experience where you can explore the many mouth-watering flavours of our barbeque.

The Braza Group
Braza Group is an Australian company operating in Sydney specializing in traditional Brazilian cuisine and fresh meat cuts. With a Brazilian background, Braza manages a chain of restaurants, a butchery and offers event catering services. The company was founded by André Felicio in 2007.  Inspired by the flavors of Brazil Andre is the creator of all of Braza’s recipes, seasonings, sauces, and marinades.The rodízio (all you can eat) style history.The Churrasco, which means Barbeque, was originated many years ago in a region south of Brazil, called the Pampas Gaúchos where still today are located one of the most precious cattle in the world.

The idea of skewering the big pieces of meat came from the gauchos: the cowboys of the Pampas. They used to spend many days and weeks away from home, transporting, and working with the cattle. The Churrasco came as a practical way of having a meal, because the only tools needed were a sharp knife, a nice and strong wooden stick, a big piece of meat, rock salt and a bone fire, or as they used to call…”um fogo de chão”.

The meat used to be cut into small pieces and passed around, and people would help themselves to however much they wanted. A tradition that led to the “Rodizio”, the “Gaucho” method of barbeque.

Nowadays, the churrasco is not anymore a regional meal, but it has spread to all four corners of Brazil, becoming a strong part of the Brazilian culture. You can also find this type of cuisine in many other countries around the world, as well as here in Australia!

The Restaurant
Braza Churrascaria is a true Brazilian barbecue house where Passadores (Meat Carvers) cut and serve freshly barbequed meats straight to your plate. With over 20 skewers and more than 10 vegetarian sides to choose from, it is all part of our “eat as much as you want” Traditional Churrasco menu. Try all of our meats on the menu or simply ask to have more of your favourites, the choice is yours.Let your taste buds experience their very own carnival with our succulent cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, seafood, halloumi cheese and sweet cinnamon pineapple, all skewered and slow roasted over our charcoal wood fire grill for you to enjoy. We have not forgotten our vegetarian guests either as Braza also offers some traditional Brazilian vegetarian options, vegetarian side dishes and irresistibly delicious desserts.Braza Churrascaria is a child friendly environment and is the perfect place for business, a catch up with friends, functions, family gatherings, corporate events and parties. So, visit Braza Churrascaria today and let us serve you the very best quality cuts of meat and produce straight to your plate while you sit back and relax.