Let's Waste less

“Eat as much as you want”

At BRAZA, besides being proud of offering our  “Eat as much as you want”  Traditional Churrasco authentic Brazilian barbecue, we are also very proud of the delicious and unique Brazilian style food all our high qualified Chefs prepare and serve to our customers.

But there is one thing we are not proud of at all, which is the amount of food that sometimes is wasted and we have to throw in the rubbish bin.

This is why we decided to start the “Let’s Waste Less” Campaign. It is something that, we as a business and you as a customer, can work on together to reduce the impact of food waste in Australia.

Let’s think together for a moment… Have you stopped and had a good think about on how many people are involved and how much energy is spent to bring delicious food to your plate?

It all starts by the preparation of the land and the planting of a “seed”. This seed is then cultivated, lots of people are involved and lots of energy is expended. Then this food is transported to be processed somewhere, where more costs start to build up and more energy is used. This food is only then transported to the restaurant, where a lot more people are involved in cooking and preparing and so on.

And then what do we do? Throw the food in the bin! Not very smart for us or our planet… 

So… I would like to ask you, our customer, to be food conscious (food wise). Not just here at BRAZA, but also think about your food at home. How much do you waste? Let’s work together to try in reducing this “waste” as much as we possibly can. 

Thank you all for your cooperation! Be Food Conscious! LET’S WASTE LESS!

André Felicio
Brazilian Chef and Owner of Braza.
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